Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Double layer twirl skirt

Every little girl loves to twirl around in a skirt. My little one is no different. Let's see, I think I purchased this pattern about 1 1/2 ago, cut it out, but never had the chance to make it. Well, I finally made the time. I made her fun skirt using McCalls M6066. Of course, I am kicking myself since I only bought size 3-6 and she turns 6 in August. But, since she is on the shorter side, I went ahead and made the size 6 so that she could wear it this summer and next, so not all is lost.
The fabrics I used I managed to pick up at my local sewing studio using 40% off coupons. Call me stingy, but when a pattern calls for a ton of fabric and I am using designer fabric, I will patiently wait for my emailed coupons.
The fabrics I used were Madrona Road- Wild Carrot in Straw and Mod Prints- Lil Plain Jane in Gray. I made my own bias tape per the instructions. Don't judge me too harshly.*wink* The pattern is fairly simple. Since I had never made a skirt with a drop waistband, I had to call on my sister for help. Thanks Eva!
So here is my little girl. When you ask an almost 6 year old to pose, you can get some pretty interesting shots. Ha! And I know she desperately needs a hair cut. That is happening today. Yay!
Here are some details.

Here is my little ham. If you look closely, you can see the ran falling off of our neighbor's roof. Yes, it had started to rain, but it didn't stop me from snapping some pics of her.
Winding up to twirl...
And one final shot.

That's all for me. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my word! This is too cute for words!! I wish I could make one of these skirts. Not sure if I could. I love it and I love the patterns you used! How about that hair bow? Do you make those? I wanna learn how to do that, too! Teach me your! Your daughter is a doll! She seems to love the camera, and her hair is beautiful!

  2. Goodness gracious could this post be any cuter!!! Fabulous job on the skirt Deb and your daughter looks adorable. I LOVE the pics of her twirling!!!

  3. You are such an amazing seamstress Deb, that skirt is super cute and can it be made in my size? LOL I am sorry though your beautiful and photogenic daughter is stealing the post!

  4. I adore this sweet skirt- the fabric is adorable and I love the design of the skirt! I'm sure your daughter is the cutest dress kid in the neighborhood!

    Leah is just too cute for words. Her smile is so infectious and her personality so bubbly and fun! I wish I could meet both of you so badly!

  5. Is she ever the happiest twirler there is?! I love these fabrics, and the skirt came together so nicely. Glad I was able to help out some. Can't wait to see you guys...miss you!

  6. What a gorgeous skirt, and an even more beautiful model to show it off! :) Love it!


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