Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I can hardly believe that another year has gone by. Wow, does time fly! Today I have a bit of a recap to share with you for some of my favorite cards from 2013. Just like last year, I chose to select a card from each month. Granted there were some months that I had several favorites, I simply had to pick one. If you are a follower, then enjoy this trip down memory lane.
I love taking a look at all that I created over the last year. I am surprised to notice that as I scroll through my post, most of my card bases are not white. That is a small victory for me since I tend to use white card bases a ton. I had hoped to finish my son's baby album by the end of this year. Don't worry, I am not beating myself up over it. I am still trying to balance work, life at home with two little ones and time to create.
Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow night to ring in the new year? We will be putting on our dancing shoes in our house. We have had a tradition since Leah was 15 months old (she's now 6), to ring in the new year at 7pm. It's midnight somewhere, right? Since there is no work on New Years Day, I hope to post some photos of our little party if I can find the time.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!


  1. Remember them all and love them all! Dec. is my fave though ;) The happiest of New Year wishes and blessings to you and yours Deb!!

  2. Deb, you make the loveliest CAS cards -- these are all just so fabulous!
    Your New Year's tradition sounds like a lot of fun! Our tradition is to go ice skating with our church, followed by a pizza supper. :)
    Wishing you a fabulous 2014, my friend!

  3. Love your work, Deb--fun seeing this selection of cards, but the last one is the top of my list--gasped the first time I saw it & pinned it. Thanks for all the inspiration! Enjoy your celebration & have a very happy 2014!

  4. What a beautiful selection of cards! I love see your work on your blog and being a recipient IRL. ;)

    Hey, don't feel bad about not finishing Josh's baby album. I still have 2 China trips to document! Yep. Nothing like being, oh, 3-4 years behind. lol

    You know I how love the fact that ya'll dance and ring in the new year. We are so lame over here. Maybe with 3 kiddos, that will finally change. Maybe.

  5. Each one is CASfection, Deb! You make me swoon at how clean and sharp your cards are! I aspire! Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Yes--I did hear you scream. You are so sweet. What a wonderful post this is. Many I had seen and certainly remember and a few that I missed over the year. I did notice that you are not always using white bases, and I think that adds a bit of drama to your cards. White or colored, all of your cards are CAS beauties, with not a thing too much or too little or out of place.

  7. You rock the CAS look! You capture it so well in all your photographs! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year Deb!


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