Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Only We Would Know

Happy Tuesday! If you visit my blog regularly, you probably expect to see some crafty creations. Well, today I wanted to pop in to share some exciting news. I have mentioned earlier this year that my husband has joined ELEVATORS, a rock band and has been playing in some gigs. At their last performance, The All of US  Reggie Williams  EP release, they really rocked it out. An audience member, Adriel Garcia liked it so much, that he invited them to his production studio to record one of their songs. My husband made a little video with some of the clips from their recording session.

They were also invited to play in the Florida Music Festival in April. My hubby is so excited and I couldn't be happier for him and the band.

Enjoy the video and music!

The song can be downloaded for free or you can name your price if you wish at http://www.elevatorsrock.bandcamp.com/


  1. Wow, a big congratulations to your hubby Deb! Their music is good, you must be so proud of him!

  2. that is too cool! congrats to your hubby!

  3. AWESOME!! LOVED the video!! TOO FUNNY in reference to some of the silent things that happened in it!! ;) thanks for sharing and I wish him and the band the Best of luck in all they do!! CONGRATS!! ;)

  4. I know how fun and exciting this is for ya'll. Madelinen has already been caught wandering around the house singing parts of the song. They love the video too. Hopefully one day, somehow, at least one of us will get to hear the band play. And I'm still up for shooting a cover for them. ;)


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