Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday, Joshua and the Magic Kingdom

***This is my second post for the day. Just a warning, there are a lot of pictures.***
Happy 2 1/2 Birthday, Joshua! We have a tradition in our household to celebrate half birthdays with some cupcakes. We will be digging into those this evening. For now, I wanted to share some pictures from this past Saturday at the Magic Kingdom.
We arrived at the park pretty early to purchase our tickets. They usually ask if you are there for the first time or celebrating a birthday. Leah was quick to tell them that Monday was her brother's half birthday. So they gave them buttons to wear which they were so happy about. If you look closely at many of the photos, you will notice that Josh was holding his hand over his button. It was so precious! 
We spend most of our time in Fantasyland since the kids are smaller and not ready for some of the other rides. We met Alice on our way to the Tea Cups. Our kiddos love to spin super fast. I am amazed that they are not scared in the least.


They enjoyed the carousel.
And riding on Dumbo.
I love this photo because Leah is trying to pull Josh over to the edge and he obviously isn't a fan.
In front of Rapunzel's Tower.
We wandered over to Tom Sawyer's Island. We found a quiet spot so I snapped some photos of the kids. Josh is such a ham!
They also met Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse. Joshua was a bit hesitant about Daisy but she took out her tambourine.
On his way to meet Minnie, I asked him if he could dance. So he danced his way over. It was so precious to capture it on video.
They also loved meeting Rapunzel.
When they got together to hug for some photos, Rapunzel said how about a kiss? We were pretty sure she was going to lean down and give one to Josh, but Leah was quick to plant one right on her cheek. She was so surprised and everyone broke out in laughter. He still managed to keep a big kiss from her.
They also loved meeting Snow White. It was so sweet to watch them together.
Nope, it's not a bruise under his right eye, just Rapunzel's kiss.
Well, if you made it to the end of this post, thanks for hanging in there. We had such a fabulous time! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like the perfect day at Disney - enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Hey, are you trying to take after me with the photo heavy blog post? ;)

    Glad ya'll enjoyed your day with the Mouse. Leah is so cute with the new smile of hers. Happy 2.5 years little Joshie! We love you!


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