Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Organza flower hair pin

It's good to have a quick little post for you today. I've been away from the blog and my craft room because my sweet baby boy has been sick. He is doing better, but not completely well yet.

I created these organza flowers from Amy Wanford's tutorial over at Crafting Confessions. They really are super easy which is the only reason why I was able to do any crafting. My motivation to make this adorable flower hair pin, my husband's company's Christmas party is just a few days away. I've got to have something pretty in my hair, right? Thanks for this great tutorial, Amy!


  1. This is so pretty. I think it would look great in your hair. How about a matching mini for your little girl? I'm sorry your little boy is sick. I'm sending him get well wishes. Also, congratulations on all your accolades. I have seen your cards selected by a number of the challenges you have been participating in. Way to go!

  2. That hair pin is absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't look handmade at all. Love the color and the bling.

  3. that is just beautiful! Glad your little one is on the mend - hope he recovers really soon :)

  4. This is such a sweet hairpin! I love the bling in the center. Hope your little boy gets well soon.

  5. Your hairpin is beautiful, I'm so happy that you found my tutorial useful!


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