Saturday, August 9, 2014

A quick update

Hello my dear friends. I hope you are all doing well. I am popping in super quick with a little update.
 Today we are having a Super Hero themed party for Leah and Joshua. I have been super busy between work and preparing for the party that unfortunately I do not have some crafty to share. Some of you may know that last month I started having palpitations and an increased heart beat. I have been under the care of a cardiologist and had several tests done. Yesterday I followed up with her to come up with a plan.
My sonogram of my heart was normal which was great news. I also had a 24 hour holter monitor done. They place a heart monitor on you that you wear for 24 hours to see what your heart does over time. The results of that showed exactly what we thought we would see: a fast heart rate (even at rest) and lots of  abnormal beats. Although the treatment for this can be nothing, my doctor knows that I am bothered by the pounding in my chest whether I am at rest or working. Most people have these extra beats all of the time and don't even know it. Unfortunately, I am fully aware of them. So she has kindly prescribed a low dose of medication to see if it helps me feel better.
I feel pretty confident that this medication will help. If it helps to lower my heart rate, then I can live with the extra beats. Nobody likes to feel like they just went for a run, when they have been sitting in their craft room all afternoon, right? Speaking of running, she did encourage me to exercise. Although at the end of my stress test, my heart went SUPER CRAZY with abnormal beats, she said that exercise will still help. This super crazy phase only started on the cool down portion of the test. So I am going to have to encourage the hubby to join me in some exercise. Who wants to exercise alone, right?
I've got to get back to party preparations and the guests of honor will be up soon. My sister and her family will be attending and I have "hired" her as the party photographer. So I know I will have photos to share of the party soon.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad to hear that is is nothing too serious Deb. Hopefully the meds and exercise will help. Hope all goes well with the party, enjoy your weekend ;)

  2. I gather this is great news. Exercise is the best medicine. I exercise 7 days a week. I would invest in a heart monitor too. Enjoy your party

  3. I hope they get it figured out soon. Take care of YOU!!

  4. So glad to hear that there is nothing seriously wrong with you. I hope that your symptoms abate soon. Thanks for the update, and sorry I am so very behind on my blog reading. Cute party and pics--I loved all the super hero stuff.


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